function hook_locale_translation_projects_alter

8.x locale.api.php hook_locale_translation_projects_alter(&$projects)

Alter the list of projects to be updated by locale's interface translation.

Locale module attempts to update the translation of those modules returned by update_get_projects(). Using this hook, the data returned by update_get_projects() can be altered or extended.

Modules or distributions that use a dedicated translation server should use this hook to specify the interface translation server pattern, or to add additional custom/ modules to the list of modules known to locale.

  • "interface translation server pattern": URL of the .po translation files used to download the files from. The URL contains tokens which will be replaced by appropriate values.

The following tokens are available for the server pattern:

  • "%core": Core version. Value example: "8.x".
  • "%project": Project name. Value examples: "drupal", "media_gallery".
  • "%version": Project version release. Value examples: "8.1", "8.x-1.0".
  • "%language": Language code. Value examples: "fr", "pt-pt".


array $projects: Project data as returned by update_get_projects().

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locale_test_locale_translation_projects_alter in drupal/core/modules/locale/tests/modules/locale_test/locale_test.module
Implements hook_locale_translation_projects_alter().
1 invocation of hook_locale_translation_projects_alter()
locale_translation_project_list in drupal/core/modules/locale/
Fetch an array of projects for translation update.


drupal/core/modules/locale/locale.api.php, line 114
Hooks provided by the Locale module.


function hook_locale_translation_projects_alter(&$projects) {
  // The translations are located at a custom translation sever.
  $projects['existing_project'] = array(
    'info' => array(
      'interface translation server pattern' => '',