function field_populate_default_values

8.x field.module field_populate_default_values(EntityInterface $entity, $langcode = NULL)

Inserts a default value for each entity field not having one.


\Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity: The entity for the operation.

string $langcode: (optional) The field language code to fill-in with the default value. Defaults to the entity language.

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1 call to field_populate_default_values()
field_entity_create in drupal/core/modules/field/field.module
Implements hook_entity_create().


drupal/core/modules/field/field.module, line 271
Attach custom data fields to Drupal entities.


function field_populate_default_values(EntityInterface $entity, $langcode = NULL) {
  // Ensure we are working with a BC mode entity.
  $entity = $entity->getBCEntity();

  $entity_type = $entity->entityType();
  $langcode = $langcode ? : $entity->language()->langcode;
  foreach (field_info_instances($entity_type, $entity->bundle()) as $field_name => $instance) {
    $field = field_info_field($field_name);
    $field_langcode = field_is_translatable($entity_type, $field) ? $langcode : Language::LANGCODE_NOT_SPECIFIED;
    // We need to preserve existing values.
    if (empty($entity->{$field_name}) || !array_key_exists($field_langcode, $entity->{$field_name})) {
      $items = field_get_default_value($entity, $field, $instance, $field_langcode);
      if (!empty($items)) {
        $entity->{$field_name}[$field_langcode] = $items;