interface ConfigEntityInterface

Defines the interface common for all configuration entities.


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drupal/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/Entity/ConfigEntityInterface.php, line 15
Definition of Drupal\Core\Config\Entity\ConfigEntityInterface.


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interface ConfigEntityInterface extends EntityInterface {

   * Returns the original ID.
   * @return string|null
   *   The original ID, if any.
  public function getOriginalID();

   * Sets the original ID.
   * @param string $id
   *   The new ID to set as original ID.
   * @return void
  public function setOriginalID($id);

   * Enables the configuration entity.
   * @return \Drupal\Core\Config\Entity\ConfigEntityInterface
   *   The configuration entity.
  public function enable();

   * Disables the configuration entity.
   * @return \Drupal\Core\Config\Entity\ConfigEntityInterface
   *   The configuration entity.
  public function disable();

   * Sets the status of the configuration entity.
   * @param bool $status
   *   The status of the configuration entity.
   * @return \Drupal\Core\Config\Entity\ConfigEntityInterface
   *   The class instance that this method is called on.
  public function setStatus($status);

   * Returns whether the configuration entity is enabled.
   * Status implementations for configuration entities should follow these
   * general rules:
   *   - Status does not affect the loading of entities. I.e. Disabling
   *     configuration entities should only have UI/access implications.
   *   - It should only take effect when a 'status' key is explicitly declared
   *     in the entity_keys info of a configuration entitys annotation data.
   *   - Each entity implementation (entity/controller) is responsible for
   *     checking and managing the status.
   * @return bool
  public function status();



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
ComplexDataInterface::get public function Gets a property object.
ComplexDataInterface::getProperties public function Gets an array of property objects.
ComplexDataInterface::getPropertyDefinition public function Gets the definition of a contained property.
ComplexDataInterface::getPropertyDefinitions public function Gets an array of property definitions of contained properties.
ComplexDataInterface::getPropertyValues public function Gets an array of property values.
ComplexDataInterface::isEmpty public function Determines whether the data structure is empty.
ComplexDataInterface::onChange public function React to changes to a child property.
ComplexDataInterface::set public function Sets a property value.
ComplexDataInterface::setPropertyValues public function Sets multiple property values.
ConfigEntityInterface::disable public function Disables the configuration entity.
ConfigEntityInterface::enable public function Enables the configuration entity.
ConfigEntityInterface::getOriginalID public function Returns the original ID.
ConfigEntityInterface::setOriginalID public function Sets the original ID.
ConfigEntityInterface::setStatus public function Sets the status of the configuration entity.
ConfigEntityInterface::status public function Returns whether the configuration entity is enabled.
EntityInterface::bundle public function Returns the bundle of the entity.
EntityInterface::createDuplicate public function Creates a duplicate of the entity.
EntityInterface::delete public function Deletes an entity permanently.
EntityInterface::enforceIsNew public function Enforces an entity to be new.
EntityInterface::entityInfo public function Returns the info of the type of the entity.
EntityInterface::entityType public function Returns the type of the entity.
EntityInterface::getBCEntity public function Gets a backward compatibility decorator entity.
EntityInterface::getExportProperties public function Retrieves the exportable properties of the entity.
EntityInterface::getNGEntity public function Removes any possible (backward compatibility) decorator in use.
EntityInterface::getRevisionId public function Returns the revision identifier of the entity.
EntityInterface::id public function Returns the entity identifier (the entity's machine name or numeric ID).
EntityInterface::isDefaultRevision public function Checks if this entity is the default revision.
EntityInterface::isNew public function Returns whether the entity is new.
EntityInterface::isNewRevision public function Returns whether a new revision should be created on save.
EntityInterface::isTranslatable public function Returns the translation support status.
EntityInterface::label public function Returns the label of the entity.
EntityInterface::save public function Saves an entity permanently.
EntityInterface::setNewRevision public function Enforces an entity to be saved as a new revision.
EntityInterface::uri public function Returns the URI elements of the entity.
EntityInterface::uriRelationships public function Returns a list of URI relationships supported by this entity.
EntityInterface::uuid public function Returns the entity UUID (Universally Unique Identifier).
TranslatableInterface::getTranslation public function Gets a translation of the data.
TranslatableInterface::getTranslationLanguages public function Returns the languages the data is translated to.
TranslatableInterface::language public function Returns the default language.
TypedDataInterface::getConstraints public function Gets a list of validation constraints.
TypedDataInterface::getDefinition public function Gets the data definition.
TypedDataInterface::getName public function Returns the name of a property or item.
TypedDataInterface::getParent public function Returns the parent data structure; i.e. either complex data or a list.
TypedDataInterface::getPropertyPath public function Returns the property path of the data.
TypedDataInterface::getRoot public function Returns the root of the typed data tree.
TypedDataInterface::getString public function Returns a string representation of the data.
TypedDataInterface::getType public function Gets the data type.
TypedDataInterface::getValue public function Gets the data value.
TypedDataInterface::setContext public function Sets the context of a property or item via a context aware parent.
TypedDataInterface::setValue public function Sets the data value.
TypedDataInterface::validate public function Validates the currently set data value.