class ActionManager

Provides an Action plugin manager.


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drupal/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Action/ActionManager.php, line 21
Contains \Drupal\Core\Action\ActionManager.


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class ActionManager extends PluginManagerBase {

   * Constructs a ActionManager object.
   * @param \Traversable $namespaces
   *   An object that implements \Traversable which contains the root paths
   *   keyed by the corresponding namespace to look for plugin implementations.
  public function __construct(\Traversable $namespaces) {
    $this->discovery = new AnnotatedClassDiscovery('Action', $namespaces, array(), 'Drupal\Core\Annotation\Action');
    $this->discovery = new AlterDecorator($this->discovery, 'action_info');

    $this->factory = new ContainerFactory($this);

   * Gets the plugin definitions for this entity type.
   * @param string $type
   *   The entity type name.
   * @return array
   *   An array of plugin definitions for this entity type.
  public function getDefinitionsByType($type) {
    return array_filter($this->getDefinitions(), function($definition) use ($type) {
      return $definition['type'] === $type;



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
ActionManager::getDefinitionsByType public function Gets the plugin definitions for this entity type.
ActionManager::__construct public function Constructs a ActionManager object.
PluginManagerBase::$defaults protected property A set of defaults to be referenced by $this->processDefinition() if additional processing of plugins is necessary or helpful for development purposes.
PluginManagerBase::$discovery protected property The object that discovers plugins managed by this manager.
PluginManagerBase::$factory protected property The object that instantiates plugins managed by this manager.
PluginManagerBase::$mapper protected property The object that returns the preconfigured plugin instance appropriate for a particular runtime condition.
PluginManagerBase::clearCachedDefinitions public function
PluginManagerBase::createInstance public function
PluginManagerBase::getDefinition public function
PluginManagerBase::getDefinitions public function
PluginManagerBase::getInstance public function
PluginManagerBase::processDefinition public function Performs extra processing on plugin definitions.