function _drupal_schema_initialize

8.x _drupal_schema_initialize(&$schema, $module, $remove_descriptions = TRUE)

Fills in required default values for table definitions from hook_schema().


array $schema: The schema definition array as it was returned by the module's hook_schema().

string $module: The module for which hook_schema() was invoked.

bool $remove_descriptions: (optional) Whether to additionally remove 'description' keys of all tables and fields to improve performance of serialize() and unserialize(). Defaults to TRUE.

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drupal/core/includes/, line 302
Schema API handling functions.


function _drupal_schema_initialize(&$schema, $module, $remove_descriptions = TRUE) {
  // Set the name and module key for all tables.
  foreach ($schema as $name => &$table) {
    if (empty($table['module'])) {
      $table['module'] = $module;
    if (!isset($table['name'])) {
      $table['name'] = $name;
    if ($remove_descriptions) {
      foreach ($table['fields'] as &$field) {