public function SystemQueue::createItem

7.x public SystemQueue::createItem($data)

Add a queue item and store it directly to the queue.


$data: Arbitrary data to be associated with the new task in the queue.

Return value

TRUE if the item was successfully created and was (best effort) added to the queue, otherwise FALSE. We don't guarantee the item was committed to disk etc, but as far as we know, the item is now in the queue.

Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::createItem


drupal/modules/system/, line 217
Queue functionality.


Default queue implementation.


public function createItem($data) {
  // During a Drupal 6.x to 7.x update, drupal_get_schema() does not contain
  // the queue table yet, so we cannot rely on drupal_write_record().
  $query = db_insert('queue')->fields(array(
    'name' => $this->name,
    'data' => serialize($data),
    // We cannot rely on REQUEST_TIME because many items might be created
    // by a single request which takes longer than 1 second.
    'created' => time(),
  return (bool) $query->execute();