function poll_votes

7.x poll_votes($node)

Callback for the 'votes' tab for polls you can see other votes on

3 string references to 'poll_votes'
drupal-6.filled.database.php in drupal/modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/drupal-6.filled.database.php
Filled installation of Drupal 6.17, for test purposes.
poll_menu in drupal/modules/poll/poll.module
Implements hook_menu().
poll_update_7001 in drupal/modules/poll/poll.install
Use the poll_choice primary key to record votes in poll_votes rather than the choice order. Rename chorder to weight.


drupal/modules/poll/, line 51
User page callbacks for the poll module.


function poll_votes($node) {
  $votes_per_page = 20;

  $header[] = array(
    'data' => t('Visitor'),
    'field' => '',
  $header[] = array(
    'data' => t('Vote'),
    'field' => 'pc.chtext',
  $header[] = array(
    'data' => t('Timestamp'),
    'field' => 'pv.timestamp',
    'sort' => 'desc',

  $select = db_select('poll_vote', 'pv')->extend('PagerDefault')->extend('TableSort');
  $select->join('poll_choice', 'pc', 'pv.chid = pc.chid');
  $select->join('users', 'u', 'pv.uid = u.uid');
  $queried_votes = $select->addTag('translatable')->fields('pv', array('chid', 'uid', 'hostname', 'timestamp', 'nid'))->fields('pc', array('chtext'))->fields('u', array('name'))->condition('pv.nid', $node->nid)->limit($votes_per_page)->orderByHeader($header)->execute();

  $rows = array();
  foreach ($queried_votes as $vote) {
    $rows[] = array(
      $vote->name ? theme('username', array('account' => $vote)) : check_plain($vote->hostname),
  $build['poll_votes_table'] = array(
    '#theme' => 'table',
    '#header' => $header,
    '#rows' => $rows,
    '#prefix' => t('This table lists all the recorded votes for this poll. If anonymous users are allowed to vote, they will be identified by the IP address of the computer they used when they voted.'),
  $build['poll_votes_pager'] = array('#theme' => 'pager');
  return $build;