function poll_results

7.x poll_results($node)

Callback for the 'results' tab for polls you can vote on

4 string references to 'poll_results'
drupal-6.filled.database.php in drupal/modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/drupal-6.filled.database.php
Filled installation of Drupal 6.17, for test purposes.
poll_menu in drupal/modules/poll/poll.module
Implements hook_menu().
poll_theme in drupal/modules/poll/poll.module
Implements hook_theme().
poll_view_results in drupal/modules/poll/poll.module
Generates a graphical representation of the results of a poll.


drupal/modules/poll/, line 93
User page callbacks for the poll module.


function poll_results($node) {
  $node->show_results = TRUE;
  return node_show($node);