function filter_get_formats_by_role

7.x filter.module filter_get_formats_by_role($rid)

Retrieves a list of text formats that are allowed for a given role.


$rid: The user role ID to retrieve text formats for.

Return value

An array of text format objects that are allowed for the role, keyed by the text format ID and ordered by weight.

1 call to filter_get_formats_by_role()
FilterFormatAccessTestCase::testFormatRoles in drupal/modules/filter/filter.test
Tests if text format is available to a role.


drupal/modules/filter/filter.module, line 488
Framework for handling the filtering of content.


function filter_get_formats_by_role($rid) {
  $formats = array();
  foreach (filter_formats() as $format) {
    $roles = filter_get_roles_by_format($format);
    if (isset($roles[$rid])) {
      $formats[$format->format] = $format;
  return $formats;