function comment_unpublish_action

7.x comment.module comment_unpublish_action($comment, $context = array())

Unpublishes a comment.


$comment: An optional comment object.

array $context: Array with components:

  • 'cid': Comment ID. Required if $comment is not given.

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drupal/modules/comment/comment.module, line 2587
Enables users to comment on published content.


function comment_unpublish_action($comment, $context = array()) {
  if (isset($comment->subject)) {
    $subject = $comment->subject;
    $comment->status = COMMENT_NOT_PUBLISHED;
  else {
    $cid = $context['cid'];
    $subject = db_query('SELECT subject FROM {comment} WHERE cid = :cid', array(':cid' => $cid))->fetchField();
    db_update('comment')->fields(array('status' => COMMENT_NOT_PUBLISHED))->condition('cid', $cid)->execute();
  watchdog('action', 'Unpublished comment %subject.', array('%subject' => $subject));