function BlockTestCase::testBlockVisibilityListedEmpty

7.x block.test BlockTestCase::testBlockVisibilityListedEmpty()

Test block visibility when using "pages" restriction but leaving "pages" textarea empty


drupal/modules/block/block.test, line 199
Tests for block.module.




function testBlockVisibilityListedEmpty() {
  $block = array();

  // Create a random title for the block
  $title = $this->randomName(8);

  // Create the custom block
  $custom_block = array();
  $custom_block['info'] = $this->randomName(8);
  $custom_block['title'] = $title;
  $custom_block['body[value]'] = $this->randomName(32);
  $this->drupalPost('admin/structure/block/add', $custom_block, t('Save block'));

  $bid = db_query("SELECT bid FROM {block_custom} WHERE info = :info", array(':info' => $custom_block['info']))->fetchField();
  $block['module'] = 'block';
  $block['delta'] = $bid;
  $block['title'] = $title;

  // Move block to the first sidebar.
  $this->moveBlockToRegion($block, $this->regions[1]);

  // Set the block to be hidden on any user path, and to be shown only to
  // authenticated users.
  $edit = array();
  $edit['visibility'] = BLOCK_VISIBILITY_LISTED;
  $this->drupalPost('admin/structure/block/manage/' . $block['module'] . '/' . $block['delta'] . '/configure', $edit, t('Save block'));

  $this->assertNoText($title, 'Block was not displayed according to block visibility rules.');

  $this->assertNoText($title, 'Block was not displayed according to block visibility rules regardless of path case.');

  // Confirm that the block is not displayed to anonymous users.
  $this->assertNoText($title, 'Block was not displayed to anonymous users.');