function BlockTestCase::moveBlockToRegion

7.x block.test BlockTestCase::moveBlockToRegion($block, $region)
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drupal/modules/block/block.test, line 338
Tests for block.module.




function moveBlockToRegion($block, $region) {
  // Set the created block to a specific region.
  $edit = array();
  $edit['blocks[' . $block['module'] . '_' . $block['delta'] . '][region]'] = $region;
  $this->drupalPost('admin/structure/block', $edit, t('Save blocks'));

  // Confirm that the block was moved to the proper region.
  $this->assertText(t('The block settings have been updated.'), format_string('Block successfully moved to %region_name region.', array('%region_name' => $region)));

  // Confirm that the block is being displayed.
  $this->assertText(t($block['title']), 'Block successfully being displayed on the page.');

  // Confirm that the custom block was found at the proper region.
  $xpath = $this->buildXPathQuery('//div[@class=:region-class]//div[@id=:block-id]/*', array(
    ':region-class' => 'region region-' . str_replace('_', '-', $region),
    ':block-id' => 'block-' . $block['module'] . '-' . $block['delta'],
  $this->assertFieldByXPath($xpath, NULL, format_string('Custom block found in %region_name region.', array('%region_name' => $region)));