function _aggregator_characters

7.x _aggregator_characters($length)

Creates display text for teaser length option values.

Callback for drupal_map_assoc() within aggregator_form_aggregator_admin_form_alter().


$length: The desired length of teaser text, in bytes.

Return value

A translated string explaining the teaser string length.

1 string reference to '_aggregator_characters'
aggregator_form_aggregator_admin_form_alter in drupal/modules/aggregator/
Implements hook_form_aggregator_admin_form_alter().


drupal/modules/aggregator/, line 141
Processor functions for the aggregator module.


function _aggregator_characters($length) {
  return ($length == 0) ? t('Unlimited') : format_plural($length, '1 character', '@count characters');