function update_get_update_list

7.x update_get_update_list()

Returns a list of all the pending database updates.

Return value

An associative array keyed by module name which contains all information about database updates that need to be run, and any updates that are not going to proceed due to missing requirements. The system module will always be listed first.

The subarray for each module can contain the following keys:

  • start: The starting update that is to be processed. If this does not exist then do not process any updates for this module as there are other requirements that need to be resolved.
  • warning: Any warnings about why this module can not be updated.
  • pending: An array of all the pending updates for the module including the update number and the description from source code comment for each update function. This array is keyed by the update number.
2 calls to update_get_update_list()
ModuleUpdater::getSchemaUpdates in drupal/modules/system/
Return available database schema updates one a new version is installed.
update_script_selection_form in drupal/update.php
Form constructor for the list of available database module updates.


drupal/includes/, line 1135
Drupal database update API.


function update_get_update_list() {
  // Make sure that the system module is first in the list of updates.
  $ret = array('system' => array());

  $modules = drupal_get_installed_schema_version(NULL, FALSE, TRUE);
  foreach ($modules as $module => $schema_version) {
    // Skip uninstalled and incompatible modules.
    if ($schema_version == SCHEMA_UNINSTALLED || update_check_incompatibility($module)) {
    // Otherwise, get the list of updates defined by this module.
    $updates = drupal_get_schema_versions($module);
    if ($updates !== FALSE) {
      // module_invoke returns NULL for nonexisting hooks, so if no updates
      // are removed, it will == 0.
      $last_removed = module_invoke($module, 'update_last_removed');
      if ($schema_version < $last_removed) {
        $ret[$module]['warning'] = '<em>' . $module . '</em> module can not be updated. Its schema version is ' . $schema_version . '. Updates up to and including ' . $last_removed . ' have been removed in this release. In order to update <em>' . $module . '</em> module, you will first <a href="">need to upgrade</a> to the last version in which these updates were available.';

      $updates = drupal_map_assoc($updates);
      foreach (array_keys($updates) as $update) {
        if ($update > $schema_version) {
          // The description for an update comes from its Doxygen.
          $func = new ReflectionFunction($module . '_update_' . $update);
          $description = str_replace(array("\n", '*', '/'), '', $func->getDocComment());
          $ret[$module]['pending'][$update] = "$update - $description";
          if (!isset($ret[$module]['start'])) {
            $ret[$module]['start'] = $update;
      if (!isset($ret[$module]['start']) && isset($ret[$module]['pending'])) {
        $ret[$module]['start'] = $schema_version;

  if (empty($ret['system'])) {
  return $ret;