function token_find_with_prefix

7.x token_find_with_prefix(array $tokens, $prefix, $delimiter = ':')

Returns a list of tokens that begin with a specific prefix.

Used to extract a group of 'chained' tokens (such as [node:author:name]) from the full list of tokens found in text. For example:

  $data = array(
    'author:name' => '[node:author:name]',
    'title'       => '[node:title]',
    'created'     => '[node:created]',
  $results = token_find_with_prefix($data, 'author');
  $results == array('name' => '[node:author:name]');


$tokens: A keyed array of tokens, and their original raw form in the source text.

$prefix: A textual string to be matched at the beginning of the token.

$delimiter: An optional string containing the character that separates the prefix from the rest of the token. Defaults to ':'.

Return value

An associative array of discovered tokens, with the prefix and delimiter stripped from the key.

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drupal/includes/, line 219
Drupal placeholder/token replacement system.


function token_find_with_prefix(array $tokens, $prefix, $delimiter = ':') {
  $results = array();
  foreach ($tokens as $token => $raw) {
    $parts = explode($delimiter, $token, 2);
    if (count($parts) == 2 && $parts[0] == $prefix) {
      $results[$parts[1]] = $raw;
  return $results;