public function SelectQueryExtender::extend

7.x public SelectQueryExtender::extend($extender_name)

Enhance this object by wrapping it in an extender object.


$extender_name: The base name of the extending class. The base name will be checked against the current database connection to allow driver-specific subclasses as well, using the same logic as the query objects themselves. For example, PagerDefault_mysql is the MySQL-specific override for PagerDefault.

Return value

QueryExtendableInterface The extender object, which now contains a reference to this object.

Overrides QueryExtendableInterface::extend


drupal/includes/database/, line 665


The base extender class for Select queries.


public function extend($extender_name) {
  // The extender can be anywhere so this needs to go to the registry, which
  // is surely loaded by now.
  $class = $this->connection->getDriverClass($extender_name, array(), TRUE);
  return new $class($this, $this->connection);