function _drupal_load_stylesheet

7.x _drupal_load_stylesheet($matches)

Loads stylesheets recursively and returns contents with corrected paths.

This function is used for recursive loading of stylesheets and returns the stylesheet content with all url() paths corrected.

1 string reference to '_drupal_load_stylesheet'
drupal_load_stylesheet_content in drupal/includes/
Processes the contents of a stylesheet for aggregation.


drupal/includes/, line 3757
Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference.


function _drupal_load_stylesheet($matches) {
  $filename = $matches[1];
  // Load the imported stylesheet and replace @import commands in there as well.
  $file = drupal_load_stylesheet($filename, NULL, FALSE);

  // Determine the file's directory.
  $directory = dirname($filename);
  // If the file is in the current directory, make sure '.' doesn't appear in
  // the url() path.
  $directory = $directory == '.' ? '' : $directory . '/';

  // Alter all internal url() paths. Leave external paths alone. We don't need
  // to normalize absolute paths here (i.e. remove folder/... segments) because
  // that will be done later.
  return preg_replace('/url\(\s*([\'"]?)(?![a-z]+:|\/+)/i', 'url(\1' . $directory, $file);